Live streaming for all night/morning.

#1DaisyFan007Posted 7/29/2013 11:04:23 PM
come join us.
#2RSMiamiPosted 7/30/2013 2:09:24 AM
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#3RSMiamiPosted 7/30/2013 2:46:58 AM

You play like an actual soldier. Outflanking your enemy. Running around. Finding alternative routes.

Pretty impressive bro.
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#4DaisyFan007(Topic Creator)Posted 7/30/2013 5:46:57 AM
Thanks, i will do more for sure during the day. i will keep you in mind all.
#5stapey2351Posted 7/30/2013 6:01:24 AM
I tried to check this out earlier but twitch wouldnt load here at work :(
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#6theskogsPosted 7/30/2013 8:33:07 AM
Ran into you and Fox last night, Ggs. Checked the videos from last night too. Didn't find our matches though.
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#7DaisyFan007(Topic Creator)Posted 7/30/2013 1:41:37 PM
Am about to livestream in 10 or less minute. mostly doing into Conflict.
#8double0stevePosted 7/30/2013 3:37:15 PM
nice daisy, too bad the host quit a bunch. was that a ccp you were using? or a GCC?
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