PKMN vs RS!!! (you care)

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3 years ago#1
I remember when that happened. It was awesome. If you're having a hard time recalling it I'll post this nice picture of the results for you.
PSYDUCK* Goldeneye 007 FC 2443-2076-5509 /// PSN: KillerGlove
3 years ago#2
yela looooooooooooool
&.Virus (Lv 56): 2741-3537-8788
3 years ago#3
I am the newest member of RS and we want a rematch

PS3: bringthe10pain
GE WII:Major Pain/S2 } Breeze { MajOr PainZ 106429789364 "Death Before Dishonor!!"
3 years ago#4
I'm in.
It doesn't matter. None of this matters.
3 years ago#5
because X marks the spot-ot-ot-ot...
ManU*AnonGE - g[Anon]dorf - R]yan Gigg[S
[Chief Troll Assistant II]
3 years ago#6
See people? This is what the board used to be like. Way more fun than the kiddie crap now. | YouTube:
3 years ago#7
PSN: Gareth_HTAFC,
3 years ago#8
Slowbro sux
parole life
3 years ago#9
Queenie and Bulba hacked...DDB called it :o

Yela is on his way to Tommy's !!!!

Me and Gareth don't know wtf to do :(
[RS]Goldie fc 4383-2635-7130 -Poseidon- fc 5299-9678-2804
GOLDEEN* fc 2539-7195-3550
3 years ago#10
I just want to thank all you guise for the 2+ years of entertainment...

[Chief Operator]
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