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3 years ago#1
Hey Goldeneye killers.
I'm calling out all internet thugs, stranglers, and ladies to play some ge with/ against me tonight. I'll be back home in about six hours so let me know what's good.
3 years ago#2
Gimme dat fc?

Mine is on the Sixers' site
[Chief Operator]
3 years ago#3
I may be down for some GE. Assuming the beers don't get the best if me first.
(message deleted)
3 years ago#5
Hey guys, I'll post fc tomorrow, still don't have it memorized.
3 years ago#6
Who are you?
S2 / R.T.M Divinity /'__'\
3 years ago#7
Come on lil fella, let me coach you.

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