Goldeneye servers down: Final end to this game?

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3 years ago#1
The End?

Rumors and secret interviews today show that the servers for online wii games such as this game, GoldenEye, have been shut. I'm aware that the servers for GE are down as I am writing this, but to me it seems like it might just be a sneaky flaw with the connection, but it could also be the end to this game. I have not witnessed this personally (or have been online to see this), but some players have messaged me that they are either unable to connect or unable to host and find a game.

Is this the same for any of you?
Just Saying...
3 years ago#2
it better not be the end, i'm lv.55
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3 years ago#3
Stay tuned for all the latest updates:




Still wating...
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3 years ago#4
Just been playing. GE doesn't like you :(
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3 years ago#5
This just in....

Everyone is on GE except for the topic creator. We await until he fixes his connection.
Elias // Gamertag: SiTe Force /
3 years ago#6
GE is dead
3 years ago#7
Everyones back on now, but a few hours ago there was an internet error.

Just Saying...
3 years ago#8
Just Saying...
3 years ago#9
DJcatie posted...

That article isn't relevant to GE and it's from June. You just had a personal Internet problem.
3 years ago#10
False flag.

S2 / R.T.M Divinity /'__'\
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