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3 years ago#1
Want to join a fun, non-hacking clan? Well then, FoX would be your choice! (Fighters of eXcellance)
Born on October 7, 2013, it will consist of high-level players. This clan does NOT allow hacking or cheating, only to people willing to play fair and make the game enjoyable to others.
I know there are already many clans out there who have a lot of skilled members, but I just want to make a clan for people who have skill but are not there yet (56)
To Apply:
1 - You must agree and respect our Code of ethics
2 - You must pass one/several test(s) provided by one of our recruiters.
3 - You must be agreed by the Leader.
Go to for more information.
Please join! This will be a great clan!
3 years ago#2
What is your sound?
3 years ago#3
Trust me! I will not betray you!
Niet.. How can this be?
3 years ago#4
Betrayer--Bot posted...

3 years ago#5
ImTheLoneWolf posted...
What is your sound?
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3 years ago#6
can i join? im really skilled and stuff
3 years ago#7
Ignacio55 posted...
Betrayer--Bot posted...


they're trolling. try to ignore it. trolling is in this board's nature.
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3 years ago#8
MK_Kitana posted...
can i join? im really skilled and stuff

If you are already in MK than why would you want to join another clan? Oh pff, another troll
3 years ago#9
I guess clans are dead :( But I won't give up
3 years ago#10
What is the tag?
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