Sounds of the game. Pt.2

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Remembering a thread about noises and where they are coming from. Yes, you can tell where a player is by listening to the music, and sound effects.

Here are a couple more.
(This one is huge!) Industrial. This map is big. Long range and short range hallways, close quarters, assault toobs. So, how do you keep out of sight?
Aha! The foyer, the room that links the turbine room to console 1. (Hear the barking dogs?) Ok. There are the stairs that lead to console 1 and the stairs that lead downstairs and a chain link fence. Go down by the chain link fence and stand at the bottom of the stairs. Now, listen.

When you here metal rattling, the players are running in the turbine room close to the door.
When you hear just footsteps, the players are above you in the lookout.

These two sounds are huge because they link the map together. When you no longer hear noises, it's because the players are now spawning on the other sides of the map. Go after them! It's clear!

This one is kind of cheap and is hard to hear. In the blue hallway, the starting spawn location, take a seat behind the wooden pillar closest to the corner of the wall. So when you do hear soft "poofing" stand up and head towards the lobby. Don't be surprised if you walk into or behind the entire enemy team.
This can be done anytime of the match, but tis is like camping.
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Admittedly I am a sound whore. A defense mechanism of sorts to counter that pesky lag! Anyway, now that the Wii u supports Wii games on the gamepad, I tried using my UE earphones. It was easier to hear the sounds opponents make, and I heard very quiet /subtle sounds that I never heard before. Kinda cool.
S2*much lag
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I've played with a mute TV twice, and both times I felt like I was doing better then usual. Felt like I was flying.

Vox, test this in more detail. Are in game-sounds more of a distraction than an advantage?