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User Info: EnforcerThe

3 years ago#11
EddieBridge2000 posted...
Recently there has been dispute about my clan tag so I decided to change clan because It's about time anyway :3 so I'm looking for a clan to take me in. If I were to judge myself I would say I don't really know but I believe I'm quite good (not being vain) ;) anyway, so are there any good clans with strong players with a Vacancy? I'm online every day from mid afternoon to 7-8 sometimes later.
Thanks, Edward/ IGN's: Lallana, Boursin, Deadmau5.

Belowit said IS has over 30 members. You may want to give them a try, but you'd probably be best to just play without a clan tag and party up with people from a variety of different clans, since most don't have more than 2 or 3 active members. I joined SP back when it was active and I later regretted it, I've had a lot more success tag-teaming as Hall Monitor than I ever did playing with SP. If you do join a clan, make sure it's one that doesn't create too much drama.
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User Info: Thecross10

3 years ago#12
S2 is still active
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User Info: Wolf122012

3 years ago#13
Ok but who you are on skype?

User Info: JmyWhsprs

3 years ago#14
Andross1989 posted...
Wolf122012 posted...
Hello, forum Bw3 : ;-)

i only took one year of french in high school. i'll see what's up with your skype group


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User Info: ProudlyHated87

3 years ago#15
EddieBridge2000 posted...
Thanks, Edward/ IGN's: Lallana, Boursin, Deadmau5.

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User Info: shakenstirred

3 years ago#16
Join the dank clan .lol
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