Play Us Soon So You Are Satisfied: Saturday, Maps Only Docks/Station

#1DarxWingDuckPosted 1/7/2014 6:28:32 PM
My clan is unbeatable on these 2 maps. Caps don't even matter. Think you got what it takes? Bring your hax, lag devices, and A game while you're at it.

We're looking to schedule a match this weekend, Saturday at Noon (est) is best for us.

After we dominate you, i think you'll be satisfied that we are truly the best clan on docks/station maps.


sign up below to try though >:]
#2Rollbar_RTMPosted 1/7/2014 6:31:27 PM
Duck clan?
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#3DarxWingDuck(Topic Creator)Posted 1/7/2014 8:42:45 PM
Rollbar_RTM posted...
Duck clan?

come @ us
#4DarxWingDuck(Topic Creator)Posted 1/8/2014 2:56:09 PM