for who want real challenge try the sigmus in a conflict game, team conflict

#1L0uR3nC0Posted 2/21/2014 4:13:06 AM
Last year i maked a real challenge to myself, i ve heard so badly things about one sub machine gun curious I ve spoked with my mate YT.PAUL/CZ why nobody use the sigmus... After his answer my decision have no point of return I played it 3 MONTHS NON STOP (600 games) with my 56 account my ratio downed in a extremaly speed rate 1.24 to 1.01 lol

My challenge was to win games using only RTM (for the longe range cause I know the distance that includes bullets on the same point in ADS forgive the hip fire only if you want to play a short life! =p).
A Light Foot to play with dodge my opponent on any weapon (fire speed rate) and snap shot or mine sweeper (always useful to keep eye on the radar because you never know where you'll put your feet) and a silencer to upgrade +/-5% of accurecy.

After that 3 months i managed how to do headshot using the glitch reload sometime in a confrotation against opponent using weapons 5x stronger weapons than my poor sub machine gun. It was extremely useful. (team conflict mémorial)

Sigmus are a good weapon not a garbage, but need a close gameplay very different for who only use guns after lvl 45 and only kill in a longe range. (Conflict in Mémorial) ( Team Conflict in Mémorial) (Conflict game in Docks)

Play for the fun :-) enjoy it's Golden Eye 339-438-234-933