Staking my claim as Biggest GoldenEye fan EVA!!

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Get a job, Sir.

Says the guy who put in 38 days in a year or so. That's assuming you never played on an alt. That's more than me LOL! Think next time buddy, or is there still a pokemon double standard going around...

That escalated quickly.

It has nothing to do with Tenta really ( who is a cool/nice guy )

Scientific Fact :-

PKMN + Yela = Hatred

That be the truth.
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Fact - oldie has no concept of science...
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Fact: jmywhsprs > all
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Fact - Pokemon been ridin my jock since Nov. 2010

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Pokemon - 0
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Get ya'll behind me..wait for it!....112 days playtime over six accounts! Lol.
4 accounts to 56 legit.
1 account to 56 boosted.
1 at 54.

Goldye. Me thinks I win on the someone get me a life quote buddy. Rofl.
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I am a nice guy. It's true.
It doesn't matter. None of this matters.
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TENTAsuperpants posted...
I am a nice guy. It's true.

I am tired of this posting by Pokemon do you seriously ever stop posting like really give it a rest I am better and much better too and youre all just jealous like come on get with it and stop posting or else
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Are you ok kid?
It doesn't matter. None of this matters.
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TENTAsuperpants posted...
Are you ok Annie?

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My ballbag is heavy