Time Trial - Total for All Curses (Best 10!!! Players)

#1RidTM1983Posted 4/18/2011 12:57:08 AM
1 - The Silverlord - 20:44.20
2 - Maruku03 - 21:10.23
3 - squavers2 - 21:11.01
4 - RidTM1983 - 21:33.81
5 - Gat 01 - 21:52.26
6 - BCDhitsuji - 22:03.96
7 - skellytan - 22:12.41
8 - bhangboy - 22:16.76
9 - DethklokJoe420 - 22:17.26
10 - AudioDesignNYC - 22:19.13
#2st0nefryPosted 4/18/2011 12:39:26 PM
I stink at this mode. Anybody have any tips, or videos?
#3TheSilverlordPosted 4/19/2011 1:06:40 AM
Time trial seems to be about getting the balance right, i.e. gather or eat too many ghosts and it'll slow you enough to upset your time, eat too few and you'll not be fast enough. When and where to gather/take are also pretty important. Avoiding confrontations, slowdowns, usual stuff.

In general I've found that taking the perfect dot/pill line rather than gathering ghosts is key. Don't go out of your way to collect 5-or-so ghosts here or there. Rather, eat the static lines of ghosts (at a power pill) to get some speed up--if you can get the strays in the mix-up, all the better. If you're at 25 speed and taking one more ghost will push it to 26, consider taking that ghost for the speed enhancement. If there are many ghosts to eat at one particular part (Champ II third power pill section IIRC), experiment with a limited, set amount.

Practice the Shorts. You'll not always benefit, because you could have a lengthy ghost trail following you in the TT and need to take different routes, but you'll acclimatise to the sections. Highway for example you can nick in and out for the sets of three l/r dots if you use the middle section wisely. Shorts definitely also help with Half, and you may pick up a time-saver idea or two using the central power pill (see: Champ II Short I 19.13 tip).

Half also has the shortcut (think you're probably the one who highlighted it!) of double-backing after you take a fruit to kill ghosts.