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2 years ago#11
Well, I had watched through all of packattack's videos on YouTube, to learn of some ideal strategies. And though I didn't watch the one for this level again before doing it (wanted to try to figure things out for myself, if possible), I definitely remembered the low height horizontal bounce off of the 3 straight bat creatures at full speed, to bypass the grass ceiling which would take much longer. That trick is almost essential for the run, so I was grateful to have learned it in that video - probably not obvious enough for me to have discovered on my own. I say "almost" essential, since packattack beat the shiny gold time by over 8 seconds. Based on that, no one trick is truly essential. :-)

I'll just continue the normal game, then probably tackle mirror mode (which I've never yet done), and then (if I can motivate myself) all the shiny gold medals. Heck, I've already got 4 - what's 67 more? I'm practically done. :-P
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2 years ago#12
With mirror mode out of the way, I decided to try one time attack, to get re-accustomed to it. So I went straight for 8-B. Holy crap - what a jerkish level to have to speed run. Having to redo the rocket barrel part each time you go for a true attempt of the level is bad enough; having to rely completely on luck to get the boss - in the second half of the battle - to do the move that leaves him vulnerable two times (not counting the first time, which he always does right away) and not waste an inordinate amount of time doing his stupid fire attacks... Well, as I said... Jerkish.

I died who knows how many times just trying to learn all his patterns and how to hit him as quick as possible. I had some attempts where he just kept doing either of the two fire attacks - sometimes making four consecutive passes with the fire tikis that drop straight down. Prior to my successful run, my fastest time was 2:48 - good only for a bronze. But eventually, I got my chance. Funny thing is, during the time I succeeded, I started out poorly. After jumping on a hand once (immediately, as he goes to do the swipe attack), he slammed down with the same hand, giving me an easy opportunity to take out a hand quickly. Well, I tried to jump around the hand, came back in too soon, and got flattened. Needless to say, I assumed this attempt was over. Still, I kept going, and actually took out the hands quicker than I ever had - I think the timer was about 1:37. But really, none of that mattered too much, as it apparently all depends on the second half, and how lucky you are.

After slamming down and me jumping on the head once, it slammed down again right away, allowing me to get the second hit. It then did the move where the head swoops down across the screen. This built my anticipation, as he seems to usually slam down after doing this move. And he did. And I nailed the final hit with a quick roll/jump. The end time was 2:07.12 - ten seconds below the shiny gold requirement.

I got good at learning the patterns and jumping at chances to strike, sure. But let's face it, I just had an extremely lucky setup. So I repeat, this was a dumb level to have to speed run like this.

My plan is to do all the boss levels in time attack first. Next up is 7-B, another one that I gather is luck-based. Yay! :-)
"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson
2 years ago#13
Okay, the bosses are finished - 7-B was tricky, and luck-based (not nearly as bad as 8-B, though); 6-B required absolute precision and tiny time-saving tactics, like making sure to end up behind him after hitting him, so he wouldn't have to turn around first before moving to the other side; 5-B was a bit of a pain, just due to a low goal time and a lot of area to cover; 4-B actually ended up being perhaps the easiest (go figure, after my mirror mode experience); 3-B wasn't bad, just needed to reset whenever he didn't drop the bombs right where I was; and 2-B wasn't awful, though I needed to do every single move (jump, pound, jump, etc.) extremely quickly to succeed. (I had already done 1-B a while back, as I alluded to in the first post of this thread. I'd say that 1-B was actually probably the hardest to get the shiny gold, for me. Though 8-B was still more frustrating, due to the length and luck involved. At least every attempt on 1-B was fast and predictable.) None of the bosses were a walk in the park, of course. None of the shiny golds will be.

Next up is the K levels. I decided to just start with 1-K, and go up from there. I figure 8-K will be a nice, simpler one to finish with - less to memorize, etc. 1-K took me quite a while to clear (though I'll admit it allowed time for mistakes). And with 1-K, I was reminded of how incredibly annoying the clock continuing after dying is. I mean, these levels don't even have a checkpoint. What possible good could come from not resetting the clock after each death? It's ridiculous. It should be die, load the level, restart. Instead it's die, reload, restart, pause, select retry, load, really restart. Oh...man... Tell me Tropical Freeze has addressed this, because, come on.
"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson
2 years ago#14
Just finished the K levels. 4-K was ridiculous - jumping from 1:10 for gold to 0:47 for shiny was a bit over the top. That one alone took me about an hour and a half. By comparison, I cleared 5-K through 8-K in about an hour, combined. Somewhat disproportionate difficulty. 2-K and 3-K were likewise a breeze compared to 4-K.

I'll be moving onto the regular levels next, starting with world 8 and working backward. I did 8-7, to start. That was seriously difficult - way more than any of the non-4-K K levels I mentioned.
"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson
2 years ago#15
Just passed the halfway mark - 36 out of 71 shiny golds. I finished world 8, world 7, and the last two levels of world 6. Furious Fire was nasty; probably took me an hour or hour and 15 minutes. I was expecting Music Madness to take me a while, but surprisingly, it didn't take many tries - and the successful run was actually pretty sloppy. They seemed to give plenty of time. I also expected Switcheroo to be a nightmare. And although it wasn't easy, I have to say, for some reason it was actually a really fun level to speed run. There was a lot of room for variety in choosing paths and picking which switches to skip.

And then...there was...Cog Jog. All I can say is...that level can suck it. It took me a full 2 hours - right up there with Tippin' Totems and Poppin' Planks in difficulty, at least for me. The tilting platforms made it very easy to slide back instead of roll quite frequently, the level is really long and dangerous, and the goal time is ridiculously short - almost no room for error (problematic, considering how long it is and hence how many things can go wrong). It was just crazy, especially considering the fact that other levels are insanely easier to do. In contrast, levels 7-1, 7-2, and 7-3 (combined) probably took me about one hour or just over that to finish. I'm just amazed at how much the difficulty varies from one level to another. I would've preferred if the difficulty was more consistent.

Anyway, I'm well on my way, and pretty confident that I'll be able to finish all these eventually. Can't wait till it's done.
"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson
2 years ago#16
Finished worlds 6, 5, 4, 3, and the last level of world 2 (2-7); now have 61 out of 71 shiny golds. A few thoughts:

Sticky Situation can also suck it. Though, to be fair, it wasn't until after finishing it and watching the run that I realized I could've rolled under the first barrel and jumped into the second, in each of the two sets of barrels - would've saved a few moments, at least. Still, almost no margin for error, and not an easy level setup to speed through consistently.

Speaking of no margin for error, I once again find that some levels require near perfection, while others allow for many mistakes. Like with the last few I did - unless I missed some noteworthy time savers, 3-3 and 3-2 allowed for basically no mistakes. My successful runs were basically flawless, and I beat the two shiny times by a combined 0.34 seconds. Whereas 3-1 was cake. Some mistakes, not the smoothest run, and still beat it by over 2 seconds.

And lastly, I need to say something about 2-7, Tidal Terror. That time - 50 seconds - was beyond ridiculous. Due to it being shorter, I guess it's not on the same level as 2-1 and 5-4, but in terms of being needing to be perfect, this is the absolute worst level I've done. You have to be literally as fast as possible right up until the end - the last outdoor segment - in order to just barely make it past the last wave. If you don't (if you have to wait for it to come and go), I'm fairly sure you can't hit the mark. I finally had such a perfect run (getting passed the wave was so close, it actually looked like it should've hit me - must have beat it by like one frame), and my time was 47.84. But it's kind of a pass/fail thing. If I didn't make it passed the last wave, it would've been over 50 seconds. I looked at packattack's video afterward, and sure enough, it was virtually identical to my run. And his time was 46.40. Again, it requires an absurd amount of perfection.

Oh well. Almost finished with this.
"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson
2 years ago#17
Well, I'm finally finished - all 71 shiny gold medals. I think I'll post the achievement in a new thread, as well - it deserves it.

It's weird, 1-6 (Crazy Cart) had me stumped. I thought I was going as fast as possible, but kept finishing about 1.5 seconds too late. I finally had to go look at packattack's video, to see what I was missing. I noticed he seemed to frequently jump every time the cart went uphill - I'm guessing because the cart must go slightly slower during such times, but doesn't if you're in the air instead of on the track. So I tried incorporating that. But the real difference maker ended up being the end - that huge jump before the finish. I would always do a normal jump and land on the upper track, but I noticed that packattack flat out launched way further, landing right on the three banana coins, and most importantly, cutting down on time. I didn't know how he did that, but experimented. Of course, it was simple. Just like a normal jump, holding in the button makes the jump higher/farther. I hadn't been doing that; once I did, I was able to beat the time.

After I finished all 71, I really wanted to go back and redo 2-1 and 5-4 - to get smoother and quicker runs. My 5-4 successful run had included a death. So I worked at it, and shaved off a full 3 seconds - from 54.34 to 51.34. My 2-1 successful run included succeeding at one of the two difficult jumps off of crabs; but I really wanted to have a run where I pulled off both, as well as have a good-paced finish. I worked at that for about 4 hours today (not all at once). And finally, about an hour ago, I did it. It was a sweet run - my crowning achievement. My original successful run was 57.72; this one was 52.84 - only one and a half seconds slower than packattack (not too shabby). I was so relieved to finally do it...

Anyway, that's that. I recorded videos for all 71 shiny gold runs. As I said, I'll also make a new thread now that I've completed it.
"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson
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