Just unlocked centurion orbitars.

#1Griffen78Posted 3/26/2012 6:29:47 PM
You must defeat the chariot master while in critical health (just the feather)

How do I make them? anyone know the combos?
#2LinkIsTheBest3Posted 3/26/2012 6:30:53 PM
#3Griffen78(Topic Creator)Posted 3/26/2012 6:32:21 PM
Yes...it was kind of hard :I

but really...anyone know the combos?
#4EnlongPosted 3/26/2012 6:33:30 PM
Nope. I don't even have them yet. I do hope Centurion Orbitars are stronger than Centurions.
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#5LinkIsTheBest3Posted 3/26/2012 6:33:34 PM
I just used a feather like you said,,, hahahaha I'm pretty sure a arm and palm make orbitars. That's all I know.
#6stalmasterPosted 3/26/2012 6:35:48 PM
Yeah I just put a random feather on a square and I picked the right one too.
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#7LabyrinthMindPosted 3/26/2012 6:37:11 PM
He meant that your health gauge only has the feather left. Not to use a feather - though that's an option.
#8EnlongPosted 3/26/2012 6:37:14 PM
Guys, I don't think he was saying to use a feather to break the square. What he was saying was that he had to finish the fight in Critical health. That is, the life bar is gone, and only the feather remains.
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#9Griffen78(Topic Creator)Posted 3/26/2012 6:37:49 PM
found a combo that works.

bomber arm x ancient staff
#10EnlongPosted 3/26/2012 6:39:57 PM
Oh, well I hate Ancient Staves, so that will work out nicely once I unlock the ability to meld.

Then again, I'm not much one for Orbitars, either.
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