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4 years ago#1
Tidbits collected from around other topics so I hope we can get a sticky and no more questions on "how do i get x weapon". There may be some unavoidable spoilers in this topic I guess.

So, let's start.

Boss Weapons
Boss weapons require you to complete the chapter and beat the associated boss, nothing more.

Twinbellows Cannon: Complete Chapter 1
Hewdraw Club: Complete Chapter 3
Great Reaper Palm: Complete Chapter 4
Pandora Claws: Complete Chapter 5
Dark Pit Staff: Complete Chapter 6
Thanatos Staff: Complete Chapter 7
Kraken Arm: Complete Chapter 8
Phoenix Arm: Complete Chapter 10
Cragalanche Cannon: Complete Chapter 11
Arlon Orbitars: Complete Chapter 13
Phosphora Bow: Complete Chapter 14
Magnus Club: Complete Chapter 18

Challenge Weapons
Challenge Weapons require you to unlock them on the treasure board by doing a certain task. Of course you need to have the appropriate board aswell

Poseidon Cannon: Clear Chapter 8 within 20 minutes
Palutena Blade: Clear Chapter 9 within 28 minutes
Viridi Palm: Acquire 5 different palms
Aurum Club: Clear Chapter 15 withing 17 minutes
Aurum Blade: Chapter 15: Destroy 8 of the guns surrounding the Boss
Aurum Orbitars: Clear Chapter 16 using Claws
Aurum Palm: Chapter 16: Defeat the Boss without switching grind rails
Aurum Bow: Chapter 17: Defeat the Boss while in Crisis Mode
Centurion Orbitars: Defeat Chapter 19's Boss while in Crisis Mode
Viridi Claws: Clear Chapter 22 without dying (Intensity 5.0 or higher)
Palutena Bow Clear Chapter 24 within 11 minutes
Boom Orbitars: Clear Chapter 25 within 15 minutes
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4 years ago#2
Zodiac Items
Zodiac Items are hidden in levels, inside shrines engraved with the appropriate sign. Once found, you cannot find the item again in this shrine, but you can fuse them or get them some other way.

Ch.2: Sagitarius Bow: While going down the stairs to where Magnus would be, enter the Tapestry on the wall.

Ch.4: Taurus Arm: You will encounter a room with a narrow walkway and swinging guillotines. Down below is a Clobberskull and some other enemies. Deal with the enemies and one of the holes in the ground will be glowing. Enter this hole.

Ch.6: Gemini Orbitars: You cannot get these unless you fight Dark Pit in the Undeground section (So, you may have to restart if you don't). After you finish the fight, instead of taking the path back out, look in the corners to find a tunnel that leads to it.

Ch.8: Cancer Claws: When you enter the room with the gold orbs, take the jump pad to the second floor. DO NOT take the Jump pad to the 3rd. Behind the Elephant enemy is another enemy. Behind him is a path that drops down to the Zodiac Door.

Ch.10: Leo Cannon: After sinking the statue into the lava and listening to Palutena talk about the statue not budging, enter the next area. Hug the wall to the left and you will enter an area where it's held.

Ch.12: Virgo Palm: There will be a point near the end where you will fight enemies and 2 Grenades will be provided. After defeating the enemies, an Elevator will appear to the next area. Instead, Turn around and find another Elevator that wasn't there before.

Ch. 14: Libra Sponge (Power) At the very end of the level where the Boss door is, instead turn around and go down the hallway. You'll find a doorway covered with electricity. Simply dodge through it.

Ch.16: Scorpio Staff:When you get to the section where an Aether Ring is given to you in a rotating room, defeat the enemies here. The next room is a drop down into another. While descending, take advantage of the Aether Ring's slow descent to look for the Zodiac Room. Avoid the bombs.

Ch.18: Aries Armor (Power): When you get to the Hotspring with the Soulflee in it, don't chase it. Go left of the Hotspring instead.

Ch.20: Capricorn Club: When in an area that you need a key, explore a bit to find some jail cells. Step on the buttons to open them and fight the enemies. Go to the last cell on the left and hug the left wall, walking through the fake wall.

Ch.23: Aquarius Sword: Once you get to a section where you have to take a grind rail and if you don't jump to another rail you fall, ride the rail, change rails, land on the platform and turn around. Get back on that same rail and don't change rails. Follow this path to the entrance.

Ch.24: Pisces Heal (Power): Right before going down a huge flight of curving stairs in order to start the trails, turn around. Follow this path to the entrance and to start some banter.

There we go. Again, sorry I just stole these from other topics more or less, but a collective grouping of all these is more helpful.
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4 years ago#3
Might aswell bump this for good measure.
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4 years ago#4
4 years ago#5
Sticky requested
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4 years ago#6
If I'm not wrong after defeating Lord Gaol you unlock its blade, or it it unlocked from the beginning?
4 years ago#7
I was actually wondering about that so I left it out.

Maybe I just didn't get the right combinations until then, but I couldn't make it until around the same time I could make the Magnus Club.

Perhaps the Gaol blade is unlocked at the same time.
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4 years ago#8
Viridi Palm - Acquire 5 different palms.
Viridi Claws - Chapter 22: Clear this chaper without dying. (Intensity 5.0 or higher)
Boom Orbitars - Chapter 25: Clear this chapter within 15 minutes.
Centurion Orbitars - Chapter 19: Defeat the Chariot Master while in Crisis Mode.
Aurum Orbitars - Chapter 16: Clear this chapter using claws.
Aurum Club - Chapter 15: Clear this chapter within 17 minutes.
Aurum Palm - Chapter 16: Clear this chapter without switching grind rails during the Aurum Generator battle.
Aurum Bow - Chapter 17: Defeat Aurum Pyrrhon while in Crisis Mode.
Aurum Blade - Chapter 15: Destroy 8 of the Aurum Core's guns.
Palutena Bow - Chapter 24: Clear this chapter within 11 minutes.
Palutena Blade - Chapter 9: Clear this chapter within 28 minutes.
Poseidon Cannon - Chapter 8: Clear this Chapter within 20 minutes.
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4 years ago#9
Sticky Requested.
4 years ago#10

From: Cervosi | #007
I was actually wondering about that so I left it out.

Maybe I just didn't get the right combinations until then, but I couldn't make it until around the same time I could make the Magnus Club.

Perhaps the Gaol blade is unlocked at the same time.

I'm only up to chapter 9, I can make the Gaol blade. Actually, I have one. It's unlocked with chapter 2.
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