C/D: Pit f***ed the s*** out of Palutena

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Akane_Houdzuki posted...
W for What.

L for Lol'd
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What's wrong with Pit fooling the snot out of Palutena...?

Ok, I admit, that was awful... -_-
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alacer807 posted...
DarkTwoopah posted...
Hades wouldn't.

I'm not sure that Thanatos would either. Phosphora might though.

Thanatos would def bang her if he had the chance
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Some minor Palutena fan service in the latest Nintendo 3DS video.
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Verkins posted...
C. Canon ending in Kid Icarus NES.

What? You mean the kiss is considered f******?
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D: It's Palutena that ****** Pit
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Palutena has assigned Pit to the location of the Perma friend zone.

Bluh bluh.
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Too bad Pit can only last 5 minutes.
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Cervosi posted...

Palutena has assigned Pit to the location of the Perma friend zone.


^This I don't see how they can be lovers when they don't interact on that level

Also NES games (and many other older games) where known for rewarding the player with a "Kiss" it literally means nothing besides thanks
Just because you recuse someone (And yes that is in Pit's Job descprition to protect the Goddess) doesn't mean he gets sex

If I save some dude saves me at my college from falling down stairs doesn't mean I owe him sex or even a kiss

Plus Pit is not Ready yet

I can see Palutena with someone like Zeus (or Sonic)
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