Aurum Orbitars?

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User Info: BlueDryBones1

4 years ago#1

I have a 0 meelee 5.5 range staff(orb staff) w/ Dash Ch. Shot +4 Im saving to fuse with another weapon Im chaining that has +3 Homing I want Orbitars with high stars w/ those 2 stats.

For me its either Eyetracks or Aurum I think Eyetracks are better but I love Aurum weapons so can anyone tell me what is the distance and amount of damage a 5+star range DashCh.Shot+4 Aurum Orbitars do any estimate will be appreciated

Also what do I need to fuse with the Orb staff to get the Aurum Orbitars.

User Info: Crazy_tank51

4 years ago#2
If I'm correct, an end-all arm should do it.
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User Info: BlueDryBones1

4 years ago#3

Thanks the +3 homing 2nd part is a Aurum Blade atm so now I look for what I need to fuse to get the blade into that arm and if both stats pass and I will take a minimum of 4.5 range stars then Im good.

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