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3 years ago#1
Its a good book that tells alot about the game. The only bad thing about it is that they release it 2 weeks after the game is released,most people would have already beating the game by then.
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3 years ago#2
Yep. Well worth the money.
3 years ago#3

*Cries* I did it for the cards! Don't judge me!
3 years ago#4
Does it explain alot of stats for game mechanics and weapons?
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3 years ago#5
Bought it for the cards. The guide is pretty bad, actually. The walkthrough is as basic as it gets, barely goes into any of the extras, and a bland multiplayer section. Don't get it.
3 years ago#6
I use the fusion charts a lot, it's more faster for me than the numbered chart from the Internet. I also use the arts as a reference for my fan art.
3 years ago#7
Me! I did!

The fusion charts and such come on handy a lot.
Walkthrough is kind of redundant for me by the time it came out, but still pretty neat. To tell the truth I mostly got it because of the 3 AR Cards it came with.
3 years ago#8

Don't think it's worth the $20 unless you're crazy about AR cards. I browsed through the contents and found it to be very basic - most of the important highlights can be found in any forums or just by Googling. The fusion chart is useful but then again, you can just look at online charts or use the fusion calculator. As for online maps -- it's really not that hard to get used to the layout and learn the spawning points after a few days/weeks of playing.


Basically people just buy it so that it can be added to their collection and the AR cards...which I don't care for very much. I gave out 9 out of the 10 AR cards I won in a tourney just because those people would appreciate having them a lot more than I do. I just can't find any good reason for me to purchase a copy.

3 years ago#9
Im still trying to find a place that sells it!
Agh! You humans with your bookstores, I cant find anything!
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3 years ago#10
Wait, remind me, which Strategy Guide company has a bad rap with misinformation?
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