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You guys ever get into that weapon rut?

#1YoyokuKOPosted 5/27/2012 8:03:47 PM
the thing where you kept fusing every weapon you got and managed to make something fun into a constant grind to try to reclaim that weapon you feel like you'll never get back? hurts
#2SpinKirbyPosted 5/27/2012 8:04:06 PM
#3IkkunismPosted 5/27/2012 8:07:46 PM
Quite often when I'm trying for a new weapon. A couple times I've given up or forgotten what weapon was in the middle of my fusion chain.
#4DunnoBroPosted 5/27/2012 8:10:41 PM
nah. I copy all my halfway decent weapons
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#5GX000Posted 5/27/2012 8:22:08 PM
once i was trying to fuse something good but even though i had great stars and fairly good atributes i couldn't shake the speed - 4. i tried for days and finally gave up and converted it to hearts.
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#6PhantomPetePosted 5/27/2012 8:36:49 PM
Yeah, happens sometimes.

Trying to fuse an improved Pandora Claws for online.

In the process though, ended up fusing a vicious Viridi Palm that's awesome for solo.
#7thegameman10Posted 5/27/2012 8:52:25 PM
Ya lost my best claws becuse of it
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#8Doug314Posted 5/27/2012 9:24:01 PM
Not really, I save my very best weapons and don't use them for fusion.
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#9YoyokuKO(Topic Creator)Posted 5/27/2012 9:31:23 PM
must be nice to have that kind of self discipline.
i kinda just say screw it and go all in or nothing when things look hopeless.

well, time to farm again
#10NinjaKitsunePosted 5/27/2012 9:49:44 PM
There were a couple times when I missed an intermediate, but in the end I ended up with some pretty decent fairy orbitars I'm not going to touch. Also, Whenever I fuse anymore I'll often do a couple fusions in and eject the cart if I don't like anything.
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