Is this a good fusion?

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4 years ago#1
Brawler Claws
Ranged 2 full stars 1 empty
Melee 1 empty star
No bonuses carry over in the fusion


Atlas Club
-Freezing +4
-Power attack +1
-In Peril Attack Boost +1
-Heart bonus +1
-status resistance -3
Ranged: 4 stars
Melee: 1 empty star


Hawkeye Bow
Ranged: 3 full stars 1 empty
Melee: 1 full star
It keeps all of the Atlus club's bonuses except status resistance

i figured it would be better than Atlas club because the club has poor melee for a melee weapon, and the status resistance would be gone.
Should I go for it?
4 years ago#2
Status Resistance rarely matters as most of the bad status effects you almost always get anyway. The loss of half of a ranged star is a bigger loss than how much is gained from having better status resistance. The advantage would be if you want to be able to use the continuous fire of the bow, which the club can't do. If you like that, then go for it.
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4 years ago#3
You need to put the value of the weapons too so we can determine if the fusion was a net increase or decrease. Not that it impacts the overall performance of the weapon but could make this weapon harder or easier to fuse later on. I would also still list what mods the Brawler has since they might be worth keeping for fusing later.

Just based on the info you provided though I would probably not do the fusion and just convert both weapons to hearts. You've got a lot of mods carrying over and most of them don't really enhance the resulting Hawkeye Bow. Was there any goal for this fusion other than getting rid of the status mod?
4 years ago#4
no i just like bows

i dont understand this fusion stuff at all, its too complicated. I kinda wish it was more Diablo style.

like what are good stats for a bow. I also like claws.
4 years ago#5
Shot range, and Shot homing are kinda neccessary on most bows.
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Kid Icarus: Uprising
4 years ago#6
what about range stars
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