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Now that I have your attention...

I have a question for you all...

Alright. What are good mods to put on a Aurum Palm? I'm wondering to put on it. Of course, I can't add shot homing since it will not affect it at all, so what would you recommend?
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lol touche, TC.
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paco1995 posted...
lol touche, TC.

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i recumend meelee combo 4 cuz it looks cul hitting ppl w/ ur hand nd also stnd-cont fire 4 and mebe shot range -4

ps 7 dont tell thm
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I dunno not familiar with Aurum Palms. :/

Troll. >:l
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I have SR+3, DCS+4, and SH-3 on mine, but I get more of a SCS feel from this weapon. It might also work as a SCF or DCF weapon, since the CF is high-damage.
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It's Standing Continous fire has amazing range and it is basically a lower range, higher damage laser staff.
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DCF is good.
DCS is good.
SCS is good.
SCF is ok.

Go with a +4 mod or two. Then plop on SR+3 and a speed or status mod. Weakening is a good choice on the power palette since you can apply it with a single FDCS (this is with a 6*, SR+3 only Aurum Palm). EDIT: You could also plop on some more defense if you're focus is on one offense.

EDIT: Don't forget Quick Charge.
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od+7 hp+6 and like 1r and 2m that's what mkdh would tell you.
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Oh and don't forget SC+1 to plow through those shots.
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