Charge shot speeds list, more or less

#11NintendoerPosted 2/24/2013 8:21:11 AM
GAMERCAMRY posted... did you measure these?

I imagine it's by measuring the distance a charge shot can travel, and how long it takes to get there.

Anyway, this is very useful. Thanks for this, TC.
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I've always wanted their speeds. Thank you TC. Continuous fire in preparation?
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I really did this list more to expose the Eyetracks' terrible charge shot speed. Here's some interesting things I found:
*First Blade has charge shot speed than the Gaol and Palutena Blades. (Royal Blade, however, has bad charge shot. I sad.)
*Tanatos Staff has bad charge shot speed in general. Guess why I made the typo intentionally.
*Angel Bow charge shot speed sucks too. Did the developers know about looping during the balance playtesting?
*Palm charge shot speeds are often nothing special. Even with forward shots, above 50 meters per second is uncommon. I'd be up for exploring why. Cannons, I can explain as working as innate anti-armor weapons.
*Eyetracks Orbitars, as I mentioned, have God awful charge shot speed, such that it's more or less my primary reason for doing this list. How bad is it? Turns out that EVERY CLUB HAS AT LEAST ONE PROJECTILE THAT MOVES FASTER THAN THE EYETRACKS FORWARD CHARGE SHOT! This should allow shot stamina to come into play more easily: just stay away from the Eyetracks guy unless you can shrug off the shots, most likely with Lightweight on a club setup for walking swinging. The more chance you have to hammer the shots, the better.
*Gemini Orbitars, however, have at least standard shot speed. Well, if the charge shots have a weakness, it's not here. If they don't have a valid one, yeah, they deserve to be in any ban list.
*Electroshock Arm has subpar charge shot speed. Well, that explains otherwise absurd charge shot DPS.

If I decided on what to cover next, it would probably be mobility. Continuous fire would be a pain to even guess.
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Zach8920 posted...
Blobs_ posted...
You forgot the extra H for hamazing.
Other than that, grats on posting something not completely trolly. :D

Trolly? I haven't seen him do any trolling.

Btw, Nice guide. Maybe I should request a sticky.

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what's going on, this isn't the mkdh we used to know, he's experimenting with different setups and he's actually contributing information... what've you done with him?!

not that i'm complaining really, just shocked.
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Somebody must have hacked his account!

All jokes apart, we should copy this, so it isn't lost in case there's some kind of failure with the board system. Anyone knows where to copy it?
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Protecting topic.
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#18Flintlock_StaffPosted 2/26/2013 2:41:55 PM
If you don't plan on doing it, I may put this in a googledoc sometime over the weekend if I have your permission. Unless someone else really wants to do it >.> The reason for the google doc is that we can add in the cont. fire later when you or someone else does the testing.
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#19OcarinaguyPosted 2/26/2013 6:07:55 PM
ITT: MK75 actually does something useful.

Seriously, though, nice job. This is very useful.
#20NintendoerPosted 2/26/2013 6:12:23 PM
MasterKnight75 posted...
If I decided on what to cover next, it would probably be mobility. Continuous fire would be a pain to even guess.

By "mobility" I'm assuming you mean the running/walking speeds? If so, that would also be amazing.
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