Here's how to farm chap 20 for players with non-cloned solo weapons

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use the power set I used here:

If you do it correctly even with an imperfect weapon, you should get nothing less than 98K in 9 minutes.(Minus loading times, it is 109K every 7.5 minutes with a perfect weapon,) at 93K in 15 minutes, it would be faster to do 4 runs of ch1 for 35K and 4 minutes each. run gets enough, and I'm used to it. Starting a different set would take some time.

Time is also an issue though. If you get 9.3K in 15 minutes, there are faster ways.

CH1 gives 3.5K every 4 minutes (140K in 16 minutes)
CH11 gives 140K in 12 minutes
Together (Wireless, lv1 6 cpu at 10% handicap while using trade off upperdash) gives 15K per minute (240K every 16 minutes)

I'm so gonna try that.

I've been doing it for maybe two weeks now; way more fun than doing solo runs.
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But I already did this with a non-cloned art claws.

I do 105k now with a run through and Artillarys similar to SWD but my art claws don't have walking speed.

Cause I don't clone and couldn't make a non cloned version with walking speed 4 :/

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