If this sells well, we could get RE Zero and REbirth, LETS HOPE!

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  3. If this sells well, we could get RE Zero and REbirth, LETS HOPE!
6 years ago#1
Am I the only one who wants REmake and Zero in handheld form. Even you guys would want it because its the best remake ever.

Hopefully RER sells super well to warrant the other RE games.
6 years ago#2
there are already two REmakes of zero, no more should be made
6 years ago#3
no save anywhere = bad for handheld

save anywhere = bad for main RE titles
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6 years ago#4
Actually those 2 remakes you call REMAKES are the same identical games.REmake on Wii is a PORT of the Gamecube version NOT A WII REMAKE! Also RE ZERO was a GC to Wii PORT, NOT REMAKE!

Sorry to sound harsh but theres a DIFFERENCE between a REMAKE and a PORT!

Knowing Capcom, they will port them to the 3DS.
6 years ago#5
RE 1 was ported and redone so many times already, I can gladly do without. 0 has also been remade AND ported.

What about they port RE 2 and give it the RE4 camera angle?
6 years ago#6
IM talking about REbirth NOT the PSOne crap with cheesy one liners, thats already on the DS, im talking about REbirth.

REbirth was only ported to the Wii, thats one console, Capcom hasnt ported it to any other console except Wii.
6 years ago#7
@Lost7th : The nintendo ds and psp have a funtion to put your game into sleep mode where when ever you need to do something halfway playing the game,it will pause the entire game and whenever you turn it back on you are where you left it before putting sleep mode in it

i would assume the 3DS will carry the same if not better funtion

just split the game into 10 minute bite size chunks per sub-chapter where you can save in between and it should be alright.

not attacking you or anything just helping you clairify how it might work for the save game parts
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6 years ago#8
I'd like REmake, but I wouldn't buy Zero... I hated that game.
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6 years ago#9
Except the 2 posts above me, Meh, almost this whole topics fillled with RE5 fanboys almost.

You arent even TRUE RE fanboys, if you dont even want a port of REmake on a HANDHELD in PORTABLE FORM! Some of you dont even know what the difference is between a PORT and a REMAKE!

By the way there are no chapters in REbirth nor RE Zero, you can still save at the typewriters unless you guys are thinking its gonna be a REMAKE again, which is what you guys made up in your minds, when you people came into this topic to spout off **** like this. Im talking about a PORT not a REMAKE!

Oh yeah he is correct, you can put your handheld into sleep mode and hopefully 3DS uses the same sleep mode that PSP uses.

Man who wouldnt want PORTABLE REBIRTH!

By the way this is not towards the 2 posts above me, just the other people.
6 years ago#10
the PSOne crap with cheesy one liners


The one liners are part of what made he games so bloody popular in the first place. Or did you hoenstly expect to take any of this seriously
Sparkster never died, He was jsut playing possum
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  3. If this sells well, we could get RE Zero and REbirth, LETS HOPE!

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