i hope they handle the mercenaries mode like this(if there is one)

#1ketjintanPosted 6/19/2010 9:37:26 AM
2- player Local or Online Mode(with solo mode).Variety of modes including Versus?

About 30 of our favourite characters Make it into the game including Leon,Sheva,Ada,Claire,Ashley(XD),Nemesis(?),Krauser etcetc.

Costumes are not characters,instead , they are to be chosen after you choose your characters

Maybe Have 20 senario's
-10 from the game RE:R
-10 from previous RE games , maybe 1 Map from the Airport in the movie Degeneration

Maybe We can have customisable Setups,but that might be too game breaking unless it can be balanced(like 2 guns at MAX),but some people like having characters with 2-3 guns.So it might be impossible to have your own set-up

my idea would be for you to pick a "theme" for instance-

Shotgun,Handgun,Magnum,First Aid

then you can pick any model of the weapons

each weapons have plus and minuses

some have large magazines,higher firepower,faster reload and maybe critical%

those who master the inventory reload thing may go for the higher firepower or larger magazines weapons,so its fair for those who can do it

my idea might suck to you so tell me what you hope this game's minigame will be like

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#2ketjintan(Topic Creator)Posted 6/19/2010 9:39:36 AM
no edit button:

also each character comes with a auto setup like in RE5 mercenaries for those who hate to keep on picking classes.

also there "auto setup" comes with special weapons special for only thier characters like Hunk's "TMP" and Krauser's "Bow"
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#3Lost7thPosted 6/19/2010 9:41:44 AM
we dont even know what the main game is gonna be like yet
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#4RayHorakPosted 6/19/2010 9:57:04 AM
I'm not going to have my hopes up for a HUGE mercenaries mode.
Remember the carts only have 2GB max. and RE4 took more than that.
However, there are many methods they could comprise e.g. take environments from the single player for mercenaries, but I wouldn't get my hopes up for tons of new content in merc.
#5ketjintan(Topic Creator)Posted 6/19/2010 7:53:54 PM
it might take a smaller memory for a smaller screen since less upscaling is needed
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#6GrowshroomPosted 6/19/2010 8:41:14 PM
I'd personally like to see the return of old-school Mercs, as done in RE3's Operation: Mad Jackal, RE2's HUNK and Tofu extra modes, RE: CV's Extreme Battle Mode, etc.

You select a character and then work through the various single-player areas, only with different enemy and item placement. Your goal is the end, but you can complete various side-missions along the way to increase your overall score at the end. You can't stick around forever, however, since if you stay in one area for too long a scary, Nemesis type of enemy will come gunning for you.
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#7onionsunleashedPosted 6/21/2010 7:51:39 PM
i like both types of mercs i want both