Crazy thought about Hunk...

#11sheik__freakPosted 6/22/2010 5:40:00 PM
I have two thoughts about HUNK.

He is either:
A) A clone of Chris, which explains why he looks like Chris, yet sounds different
B) Alex Wesker, maybe Umbrella found out that Jill and Chris were on the ship and decided to send HUNK to kill them (or at least try)
#12Alky88Posted 6/22/2010 8:29:11 PM
Unless Capcom retcons all HUNK appearances he can't be similar to Chris as he's:
A: older;
#13xerofyre0Posted 6/22/2010 11:02:36 PM
chris is a clone of hunk
#14madgatzPosted 6/23/2010 12:33:54 AM
this is going really spidermanish
#15edward18Posted 6/23/2010 1:56:50 AM
the hell are you talking about Classic? Clones don't work like that in real life. You could make the arguement that it's a game doing it if it weren't for the fact that the games of Resident Evil actually do clones correctly. The movies don't, but the games sure as hell do. Look at Sergei's Tyrants and more specifically Alexia and Alfred. They're clones and they're just as clones are supposed to be. People made from other people's cells is all. Their memories and crap like that aren't copies, they're their own persons.
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#17Crazy ManPosted 6/25/2010 4:11:41 PM
What if Hunk is a clone of Chris Redfield

For that to have happened somebody would have had to said, "You know that baby eating the building blocks right there? I got a good feeling about that one. Get me a pint of his blood."

Clones are kinda across the spectrum in RE. They either are normal children like in CV or they are used to be mutated robot soldiers like revealed in UC.
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#18Kyokugen_SpiritPosted 6/25/2010 4:20:39 PM
This reminds me of the Ada Wong is Ingrid Hunnigan BS theory when Resident Evil 4 first came out... *rolls eyes*