Think this game'll have Fixed Camera angles?

#21monkeypeelPosted 7/3/2010 10:43:17 PM
If it has Fixed Camera angles i'll buy it instantly

I doubt it will tho, after playing RE5 I don't have much hope for new resident evils
#22DarksideHazuki84Posted 7/5/2010 10:52:37 AM

Up moves me FORWARD? Up should move me UP, and Left should move me LEFT. These controls are garbage!

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#23GoldsicklePosted 7/6/2010 1:28:01 AM
While it was possible for me to finish the classic RE games on A & S ranks, I really don't want to see the crappy camera again.

"Crappy camera creates a horror atmosphere" is a weak argument because Dead Space & Silent Hill were able to establish a creepy backdrop without camera-screw.
And it didn't matter if Dead Space & Silent Hill are different games, all that matters is that the disturbing setting can be achieved without the camera as your enemy.

When it was reintroduced in LIN, it was nothing more than a reminder of how screwy it was and reinforced my belief that the crappy camera should be abolished for good.