i hope this game will be more action oriented

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  3. i hope this game will be more action oriented
6 years ago#1
like the last 2 games from the series, i know im in the minority here but i liked the action oriented REs way more.
6 years ago#2
It should be a little like the DLC from RE5-Lost in Nightmares
6 years ago#3
Less action, more horror.
Sorry but if you want action there's a Mercenary mode full of it.
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6 years ago#4
yeah which is just a small portion of the game. if this game will be like the older ones i will reconsider buying it.
6 years ago#5
the new gameplay style is fantastic, and lost in nightmares proved you can do both. So hey, action oriented horror. I know dead space did it.
6 years ago#6
i want a game that will actually scare me. Honestly i love the old style RE games. I just dont want them to be like deadspace. I mean it, 4 and 5 would be a million times better if they made them zombieish and much scarier.Deadspace was a let down cuz it was supposed to be one of the scariest games of all time. To me it was nothing more than a let down. sorry for the rant =/
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6 years ago#7
Yea, Lost in Nightmares is a good example that they can make the game a bit scary or creepy and shocking even though it uses the over-the-shoulder camera. And what makes LiN scary is b'cuz the environment and the background music is creepy. Well, LiN would've been better if they added a couple of zombies. But nevermind, maybe they keep the zombies for RE6 and RE Revelations.
6 years ago#8
It should have both, as Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space did.

Either extreme, (atmosphere-less action or obsolete fixed-camera/slow zombies rubbish) would suck, a perfect balance would be amazing.
6 years ago#9
RE4 didn't have both
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6 years ago#10
I'm not getting into this with you Eddy; accept that not everyone shares your views.
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  3. i hope this game will be more action oriented

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