i want Claire and Steve to be back in RE6

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6 years ago#1
I hope she's back in RE6, cuz i love her, she's hot! XD

Seriously though, i want Claire to be back in RE6 b'cuz i want them to tell the story about Claire looking for Steve - since he's still alive and taken by Wesker (but now he's dead), and maybe in half way through she finally found Steve and cured him by injecting the anti G-virus, and after that he's back to normal, and then accompany Claire to find Sherry that was kept by the government (maybe the government is evil) and they both go to rescue Sherry and stop the government from unleashing a new virus and spreading it worldwide. And the virus that is back to the game is maybe 1 of the old T-virus, G-virus, or T-Veronica virus. Hell, how 'bout if all 3 of them are back in the next RE6? i think that would be AWESOME!!! XD

Well, correct me if i'm mistaken some point of the story.
6 years ago#2
Nothing suggests that Steve is still alive. Wesker mentioned that he could come -back- to life (meaning he's dead) but I wouldn't exactly expect to see him human anymore. I also believe there's a part in Wesker's report where he mentions throwing Steve's body away after he extracted the Veronica virus.
Anyway yes to Claire for RE6! She's been gone for way too much.
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6 years ago#3
Wait, Wesker thrown Steve's body? if that's true then it means Steve is dead. But who knows, maybe Steve could still be alive even though he's thrown by Wesker down the lake or something. And the virus inside him is still alive and maybe it grows up even more and more and then make Steve turn into a very huge and scary monster.

Then after that, somehow Steve can senses Claire's coming to him, and when Claire finally met Steve, Claire is shocked that Steve is still alive but he turned into a freakin' huge monster, and then they started to fight each other as Steve being the final boss or second-final boss. And then after the battle is end Steve is back to normal again, but he lives only for few minutes to say good bye to Claire and then he died - for real.

Oh well, srry, i was about to only respond a bit, but i got carried away and started telling a stupid story of my own :P
6 years ago#4
Wesker's never been documented in ANYTHING to do anything with Steve's body after he took it other than get a sample of T-Veronica from it.

Anyhow TC, that is a stupid plot. First of all, Steve isn't infected with G, secondly the government would not do that.
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6 years ago#5
Oh yea srry, i forgot that Steve isn't infected with G but Veronica virus, right? and if the government are a good people, then who do u think would be the main enemy (in Claire's story)? or.. what story do u think would be in RE6 if Claire is the main character?
6 years ago#6
before the whole Alex Wesker thing was thought up in the DLC of RE5 I had thought up an RE6 starring Barry and Claire that would be about investigating a town that had suddenly had its connection cut off from the rest of the world and would eventually lead them into a facility where Wesker had always sat in at the end of Umbrella Chronicles and during RE4 where they would find Steve and all this crap about a new viral agent and stuff like that. I have concept art for it on my deviant art account.
Before you die you see the Tails Doll---Backdrop Observer of the Metroid: Other M board
6 years ago#7
Claire will meet Sherry and Steve in the future game,but not sure if Steve will turn to his normal form

or mutated monster.

Originally,Steve and Sherry were meant to appear in RE4 before it got scrapped.
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