Resident Evil Afterlife (Updates Coming Soon)

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A good day for RE FANS?


You are NOT the whole community, so dont speak as if your speaking for the fans, thats BS and you know it.

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Still haven't seen this movie yet,But it seems more action packed then the others.Guess it was following in RE5 footsteps eh
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"Still haven't seen this movie yet,But it seems more action packed then the others.Guess it was following in RE5 footsteps eh"

Yeah and most of the plot is basically copied from RE5. They left something out though so they can make another sequel.
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I went watching this on Saturday night. I just felt compelled to watch it despite my deslike of the Resident Evil films.

I feel it was well and truly awful. The film probably ran at 1 hour, had it not been for half of it being in slow motion. The slow motion scenes were awful and the "3D" did not accentuate the film at all.

The beginning "action" sequence was just a number of poorly put together Matrix scenes. The whole Umbrella "HQ" under Tokyo was laughable and looked like a poor attempt to expand on the Hive idea. Then you had the "Oh noez Alice iz human agen". Wesker basically injected her with an "anti-virus", and after that she couldn't blow stuff up with her mind but she still had to ability to move super fast and run up all manner of walls. Pointless in my opinion.

The whole Chris and Claire "storyline" could have been explained on a post it note with room to spare. They basically had them meeting up and Claire didn't recognise him because of "memory loss", and that was that. Nothing after that was ever mentioned (aside from a flitting moment at the end when they're captured by Wesker). Wentworth Miller as Chris was poorly cast and was pretty much his Michael Schofield "escape-from-a-prison" character, mainly, because he escaped from a prison (having obviously known the way out). I do understand when he first read the script, he said "I thought it was a practical joke".

Wesker and his connection with the T-Virus was a joke. The majinis were extremely ill-fitted into the film with absolutely no explanation of their being. The executioner was okay but his attempts to break through the prison gate were shockingly slow, and again there was no explanation as to where he came from.

The other cast members who were just extras for the meat grinder were shocking. There were no Resident Evil characters introduced aside from Chris Redfield (with Claire and Jill already existing from previous films). The whole "Resident Evil 5" scenes just felt glued on.

Potentially, the worst film this year.

Capcom need to stop letting Paul Anderson have his way with the Resident Evil films. They are in dire need of a reboot.

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I think I'll just watch it online and save me some money *cough*
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the movie is good you should watch it on theater, regal in my area has 5 dollar tuesday, not sure how much imax, n 3d is, but for regular showing every movie is 5 dollar. so u should give it a try, alot of action scenes rip off but still as a re fan, re movie fan, action/zombie movie fan u will enjoy it so to say.

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I hate critics...don't you?
I screeched at it for several minutes, and then THE GAME finally went crazy and burned itself...
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I'm pretty sure once the world's dead in RE there's no point in viewing it any longer.
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#19INVAL1DPosted 9/14/2010 11:37:41 AM
It was one of the most anti-climatic movies I've seen, not to mention it was really short, felt like there should be a second half to it.