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6 years ago#1

I don't have a ds, but played most of the re series on all consoles except hand held console. so is there anyword on what the graphics, gameplay is going to look like?

i don't have a ds, so will 3ds capable of good graphics? im willing to invest in a 3ds if this game has good graphics. by that i mean not like 2d, but it will look like something like re4,re 5?

6 years ago#2
This game's graphics is the same as RE5. But still no news about what the gameplay will look like.
6 years ago#3
just take a look at the resident evil revelations trailer that is running in real time, so that should give you an idea what the graphics look like.
currently playing all game cube resident evil games :D
6 years ago#4
there not as good as re5s, there really close though.
6 years ago#5

yeah thats what i just want to confirm, i know it'll won't be as good or whatever as long as the graphics at least look good as re remake im good.

i know the release is tba, so will it come out next year? if so i can save to get a 3ds n this game. love n play all re game since ps1.

so this is a sequel to re5?

i really do home they make re2, 3 and code veronica with at least re remake grapihcs n gameplay, i wouldn't mind over the shoulders as well, but also have coop. since coop was introduce in re5, my cousin n i can't stop playing it and challenging ourselves.

also they should remake outbreak series, dead aim series. those were so underrated.

6 years ago#6
[ o.o] Cap'N Servbot is Crashing thou Castle
6 years ago#7

Here's the link. These graphics are developed by the game's engine.
6 years ago#8
snake_dante44 posted...
This game's graphics is the same as RE5. But still no news about what the gameplay will look like.

Wooo thats reaching, its not that good. It has elements that put it above Resident Evil 4 on the Cube, but others that are definitely PSP quality if you look closely.

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