Resident Evil Damnation 3D - sequel to Degeneration

#11Zero97Posted 9/15/2010 1:36:49 AM
Unlikely for him to star in RE6 Now
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#12LilCrimsonNemoPosted 9/15/2010 11:27:04 AM
I wonder if Ada will show up in this movie.As for RE6,Claire Claire and Claire please
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#13DarkGam3rPosted 9/17/2010 5:10:45 PM
Working for the government gives you that "Government Face" (Looking serious/depressed/serious and depressed) and maybe "Government Attitude"(Attitude is serious/depressed/serious and depressed). But once again in RE, this is one of those "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" situations. If they make Leon like he was in RE 4, then best we don't complain. It's the way it is, it won't change.
#14edward18Posted 9/18/2010 12:02:43 AM
like hell I won't complain!
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