so all that hype for nothing...

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thanks alot capcom, first you say you plan to give us an insight about what to expect from re:revelations an some insight on re6, then nothing is siad or shown, then you say you want to reveal some info to fans about re6 at the tgs AND........nothing is even mentioned, shown.

capcom needs to quit playing around either show what their plans are or just stop lying an admit they are not ready to reavel anything. they are really falling apart these days.

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They never said anything about Re6 @ TGS.
Just that some information would be coming soon.
Doesn't mean TGS.
Didn't say TGS.
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I remember it was mentioned that an RE 6 can well be in 6 years or so.
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"They never said anything about Re6 @ TGS."

Actually, Shinji Mikami talked about RE6 at TGS. He said that he has nothing to do with the game, and he will not be happy with the game once it's released. Here's what he said,

"At the moment I'm nothing to do with that title, and don't know what's going on with it," he explained. "I haven't heard any voices from users, so I can't really comment on that. I'm trying not to actively seek out any information about that title, because even if it comes out a good game, there will always be some moments where I think 'oh, I would have done that differently - I would have done this bit better'. Good or bad it will be frustrating either way. So I'm trying to shut myself down from that project."

Here's the full story.

What worries me, is that if both Jun Takeuchi and Shinji Mikami aren't going to have anything to do with RE6, then who will?
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Kevin Butler is going to take over and make RE6,All on his own
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then say goodbye to re. they should just cancel the tg shows since japanese developers keep handing their ip to westerners all a sudden an half the games shown at the tgs were western games like killzone an such. they really have failed.
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What worries me, is that if both Jun Takeuchi and Shinji Mikami aren't going to have anything to do with RE6, then who will?

Mikami isn't even with Capcom anymore. He's been freelance for years, and had no input on the final build of Resident Evil 5 (probably the main reason it was a disappointment), let alone Resident Evil 6.
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Maybe Masachika Kawata he who ported RE4 to PS2 and produced Umbrella Chronicle and Darkside Chronicle.

Though Darkside Chronicles was an onrail game I liked some of the atmosphere displayed in it,I wonder what Kawata could do with a RE title if he made it in classical or RE4,5 style.
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Umbrella Chronicles, and Darkside Chronicles were an actual good on rails game BUT those stories retconned the real storyline.
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