Does this have an actual story mode?

#1CrapFactoryPosted 1/9/2011 8:42:16 AM
I've read nothing about it at all. However I can say I don't give a crap about RE's lackluster multiplayer and merc mode.

Also, stop bringing Wesker back!
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Wrong board? No, Mercenaries 3D doesn't have a story mode.
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Lol, fail.

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What are there two Resident Evil games coming out for the 3ds?

Merc mode was in RE5 too and I understand it's in this one also. I'm wondering if this is ONLY merc mode crap.
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On Gamefaqs the game called "Resident evil 3D" is Resident evil Mercenaries; a game only about Mercenaries. The board you are on now is an actual "Resident evil" game, with a story and everything.
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...And zombies stalking down narrow corridors with a taste of flesh. The doors are rusty and require incentive to open. Locks must be fed with keys. Puzzles must be solved lest you wander the tomb sitting atop the sea forever!
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I'll do a little recap of the two games to make it simple

Resident Evil Revelations - The next main installment in the series but it's not numbered like Code Veronica. It features Chris and Jill as the main characters again and goes back to a horror atmosphere which would means close quarters, slow moving enemies(one which is a new enemy and evidently zombies as shown by the first trailer). It goes back to the old style of RE with the RE4/5 control scheme. It has an actual story but not too much information yet except that Jill and Chris have gone on a ship to investigate a matter. There also appears to be a new antagonist, in the trailer it seemed like it was Chris sitting in a chair at first but was revealed to be someone with an accent and different face. The particular scene also had Jill pointing a gun at the man as well as the real Chris which seems to indicate some kind of conflict between the partners. This game is an entirely separate game altogether from RE: Mercenaries 3D.

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D - The title speaks for itself. The mercenaries mode from RE4/5 is now being made into a standalone game. It features the stages and characters of the two games with extra characters not originally in as well as possible new stages. New game modes have also been confirmed as well as customization. Mercenaries has no relevance to Revelations, they're separate. If you want an action game with no story and just want to blast everything in the guts, get Mercenaries. If you want a new main series installment that goes back to the horror atmosphere, get Revelations. I'm personally grabbing them both.