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4 years ago#1
Any rec's on what to buy for starting out?
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4 years ago#2
Doesn't really matter. For the first few missions I only used a handgun. Anyhow, just buy any shotgun and/or machine gun. Or find it in a mission. Then just do missions and use the weapons you find. You'll get better weapons from later missions. Shops will sell better weapons as you level up. Might want to use a powerful weapon for some bosses, like a magnum or rifle. In the later missions you can just dump the handgun. It's weak and you only find bullets for the weapons you have with you.

The first difficulty should be easy enough to get through without any trouble. After that it might be wise to start using the weapons you think are most effective and a power weapon for the stronger enemies (magnum or rifle). Until you start getting some decent special weapons, these are the weapons I used:

Handgun --> Used that powerful handgun for a while, until I decided to throw out a handgun alltogether.
Shotgun --> Used Windham most at first. Then I switched between this and the Hydra (as I got better ones). Then I got a drake much later and that one just beats out the others. Weakest shotgun, but it's really fast.
Magnum --> Really didn't get a lot of these. Didn't start to use them until I got a good Pale Rider (that got me through most of the rest of the missions).
Rifle --> PSG1. The only automatic rifle. It's a weak rifle, but still a very powerful weapon. It's easy to hit accurately with at any distance, shoots fast and you still find a decent amount of ammo for it. Only downside is that it takes a bit long before you can shoot after starting to aim (same with every rifle).
Machine gun: MP5 for most part. Then switched to the P90, since it shoots much faster. Decided to go back to the MP5 later on, since the P90 eats ammo like crazy.
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4 years ago#3
I disagree with the above.

Anyways, the best settings would be for starters would be to make Machine Guns your primary weapon, shotguns your secondary, and using a rifle for power.

For starter Machine Gun, i'd use the MP5 or P90. But if you're about ammo conservation, use an G36. I'd recommend using ammo capacity, and damage mods with these.

For starter Shotgun, i'd use the M3. Its fast and reliable. Again, if you're into ammo conservation, use Windham instead. More damage per shot, but its pellets don't scatter as much. I'd use damage mods, and narrow if you find it to focus your shots.

For starter Rifle, Use the M401A, unless you run into a Muramasa. Its high damaging. PSG1 is for pros who can aim better. Its good to save up bullets so you're not without any.

Later on, ditch the machine guns for a G18 handgun. Its fire rate is only overpowered by the P90, but its damage is higher than any other machine gun. Make sure you have Gluttony and Auto Loader when using this though, or it gets annoying.
I also recommend using either Drake or Windham later on, as they deal more damage. I personally use a 4 slot Windham with Damage 6, Firing rate 4, auto loader, and Grenade Launcher.
Finally, if you want something fast firing with more damage, use the Python magnum. I use one again with 4 slots with damage 6, firing rate 4, auto loader, and cornucopia 5. If you want something that literally destroys an opponent, use a PSG1 with damage 6, auto loader, and full burst. Its a destroyer, but it wasted a lot of ammo, part of the reason I switched to Muramase w/ Damage 6 and Charge Shot 4. But that took too long so I finally settled for the python.

Best of luck raiding!
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4 years ago#4
Thanks for the info.

I just started playing a little bit last night Solo...

Raid mode kicks azz.
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4 years ago#5
denniswentworth posted...
Thanks for the info.

I just started playing a little bit last night Solo...

Raid mode kicks azz.

ha i played raid for the first time too yesterday.
after that danm mayday boss.
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4 years ago#6
I only purchased weapons on very rare occasions. The handgun was more than enough to carry you through the first few levels without any grinding, and by then you should start earning weapons as rewards. If you earn weapons you can't use (Level restrictions) by chance, feel free to use BP to buy some. I saved my BP strictly for ammo reloads, and I think it worked out alright. I forced myself to earn an S rank on all levels before trying Raid mode online, and what a mistake that was.

Jump online fast and early, and partner up. It makes some of the tougher levels much more manageable, and is much more gentle on your ammo reserves (Which start out abysmally low).

You'll advance quickly, and when you do... Oh the joy.

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4 years ago#7
Going good so far...

I'll be honest, still just kind of winging it.

Running a lvl 18 Magnum L Hawk with Dmg 3 and Capacity 5; lvl 17 MP5 with Dmg 3, Capacity 4, Crit 2; lvl 11 Muramasa with 6 slots of random goodness.

Have a bunch of level 45+ stuff from a Ghost Ship some guy ran me through last night... lul.

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4 years ago#8
I will add you sir and post up my code tomorrow
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