How "scary" is this game?

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  3. How "scary" is this game?
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User Info: Shiya64

3 years ago#12
DoomsSD posted...
The most I'd ever describe a Resident Evil game as being would be "tense". That's about it. I enjoy horror films/games too much to actually find them scary.

I'm not dissing the games, though, it's just that I don't find them scary at all.

Same here. I love the genre. (maybe a little too much)

Silent Hill series, Dead Space series , Fatal Frame series, Resident Evil series, Kuon etc etc

I love survival horror. They've never actually managed to scare me. Certainly have made me jump in surprise more times than I can count though lol

I hear Amnesia is really freaky awesome too. I want to play it so bad...
RE + Fatal Frame +HM = Really. Weird. Dreams.
Whatev' you say, Mr. Anger Management
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  3. How "scary" is this game?

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