DaFaq is wrong with people. L2 play!!!!!!

#1Neko_Means_CatPosted 6/22/2013 6:58:03 PM
So, I always set my lvl to 1 when playing the ghost ship to let people know that there is no problem hitting the first goal for farming, but if they wanna play then fine, i have no problem, i can solo the entire ship without getting hit once, i've done it like a tribillion times... Just don't come to my freaking session and leave! if you don't wanna play then don't come at all. What's wrong with people playing raid mode lately :/

And that's not all. Sometimes when i'm playing with a noob, he just wants to race, i wanna help but he just want to slam the door in my face throw bombs everywhere and everything, like really? If you wanna be the host then fine, i'll sit back and let you do your thing, just don't spam “I need you here” etc. when you get your butt kicked -_-

This is unbelivable...