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User Info: Xenoth78

3 years ago#1
Hi everyone!
Sorry for my English I am French first!
The French forums are so bad that I try on a U.S. forum!

I have wanted to have a comfirmation about 1 for self reload the gun.
I have the sniper, and the magnum gun. But I do not have the gun!

I have wanted to know if it was in the stage 21 that we had?
Because I'm fifty cleaning and I have still not got it, so I began to ask me questions!
If it is indeed in the course 21, I have also wanted to know if it was all clean the boat before completing the course?

Thank you for your help mate!

User Info: fireemblemomega

3 years ago#2
Wrong system to be asking for it bud. Go to the PS3 forums.
There is no greater challenge than beating the limits you set on yourself.
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