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Friend code for infection mission farming? (Archived)Muzza167411/26 1:46PM
How many slots can a Lightning Hawk get in this game? (Archived)DoomsSD211/26 4:49AM
The Infinite rocket launcher. How strong is it in this game anyway? (Archived)WizardofHoth511/9 10:51AM
Resident evil 3ds friend codes (Archived)Trevorwagner123310/25 6:26PM
Can we all agree that (Archived)OVO_XO510/25 10:39AM
Resident evil revalations 3ds (Archived)Trevorwagner123110/4 9:18AM
Question about used copy. (Archived)tandone39/22 11:34AM
I'm gonna be UTTERLY disappointed if Revelations 2 isn't coming to 3DS. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
xXxAgentAdaxXx139/22 2:30AM
Just got this game and I really like it but... (Archived)12ILOVEFIRE2169/21 3:55PM
What are the features of the demo? (Archived)Whinpful19/20 1:53AM
My current infection inventory (Archived)Moooochy39/13 1:56AM
Resident evil revelations 2 leak? (Archived)ss3goku3999/12 7:09PM
Who wants to play? (Archived)Gammashuffler19/12 12:57PM
wondering are there builds for raid mode (Archived)tiamat99919/9 5:11PM
how long are the three last episodes? (Archived)willow533539/8 6:29PM
do machine guns become useless after a while in Raid? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
tacomachef159/8 5:58PM
About getting weapons in raid mode. (Archived)adathespy29/8 3:15PM
I need a save file (Archived)macaroniemaniac29/7 7:41PM
point of raid? (Archived)Contradictator39/6 1:00PM
Save files? (Archived)blorfenburger29/5 7:44AM
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