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sorry, but the puzzles/problem solving are so dumb. (puzzle spoilers) (Archived)numberrrr712/10/2011
Hottest characters in the series so far (Archived)
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audio quality is terrible (Archived)GameMaster14GM212/10/2011
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Capcom announces Europe bundle. (Archived)urmomishawt04212/9/2011
In all honesty, I think this game will be the sexiest in the series. (Archived)nero_rules812/9/2011
RE6 to take place in China? (Archived)
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Jill Valentine has been dethroned as the master of unlocking (Archived)XFactor1712/7/2011
In all honesty, I think this game will be the scariest in the series. (Archived)parkourboybryan512/7/2011
The 2 month countdown until the US gets REvelations!! (Archived)urmomishawt04212/7/2011
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