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so... much.... potential.....AHHHHH (Archived)SaltyWalnutz56/17/2010
Please be an actual horror game. (Archived)
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the regular enemies in this game should be crimson take on whats will b (Archived)ketjintan66/17/2010
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NEWS: Inafune Interview reveals...not a whole lot (Archived)
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Chris Redfield will be in it (Archived)REM3MBERtheNAME76/17/2010
This game takes place on a ship, and has HUNK in it. (Archived)
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Is the Anna Kournikova in this game? (Archived)MageGuyInfinity26/17/2010
Where's the E3 Tralier/cinematic/demo? (Archived)RayHorak16/17/2010
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any idea when this is coming out? (Archived)cakewars3626/16/2010
This game was going to made on the Psp. (Archived)joeyxxxx496/16/2010
Just to clarify, this can't be played on a ds lite? (Archived)TheConstable86/16/2010
What if this game is solely about hunk? Stuff we never know about him(Revelation (Archived)ShelledBug_llb36/16/2010
That picture where the lady is pointing guns at two people (Archived)
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I think this game is going to give us the truth to alot of thing. (Archived)joeyxxxx496/16/2010
No rail shooters. No remakes. No funny business. (Archived)
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Clones (Archived)edward1826/16/2010