Trophies? (ask about some trophies in this game)

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Chromes translation

Only part I understood was "even if the wireless is off, you'll be able to StreetPass with an NCP every 4 hours", or something like that.

Ok that makes more sense, it would then be saying that even if you arnt connected to a network, you can still get link portals via street pass, though only one every 4 hours? strange
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I think they meant it's only with an NPC.
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(pretty much the same content as the website mentioned - and the lists of trophies are actually in the website that the TC mentioned)
I find this website is helpful. This is the trophy link. However, the website is Japanese-only.
I am lazy enough to have treasure maps from them, so I don't have to search for all treasures. Make sure you change the character encoding to Japanese to read it properly. Otherwise all you can see are symbols. You may want to consider using google translate if you can't read it.
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