FAQ and complete list of Special Portals *location spoilers*

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4 years ago#41
In the FAQ link I gave you there were footnotes about the special portals that are hidden in hidden rooms (duh) and the portals that needed the room to be flipped or modified (in the Monstro world). Why not add these to your FAQ? After all your FAQ is based on that one.

Also what you put in there saying that Portals won't open up again if beaten until all of them are beaten is wrong. The portals do open again if the forecast for that drop says they are open and they haven't been beaten yet for that drop. Long story short if you just drop as Riku (example) all of the forecasts will be open, even if they have been beaten in a previous drop. That is to make material gathering simpler, imagine if you had to wait until you completed all portals to gather wild or brilliant fantasies (they only appear in 2-3 portals).
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4 years ago#42
Aw, crap. I need to manipulate the forecast to get secret portals?

I wanted to go through the whole game never initiating a Drop manually x.x
4 years ago#43
ive mostly done the special portals now

only got maybe 1-2 left in a couple of worlds and have done all in a couple, getting them to show is starting to take a few drops.

how do i make secret portals appear? i they post game only? it wasnt clear in the guide exactly which event triggers it.
F-L-A...Got it memorized?
4 years ago#44

ok so i've done every special AND secret portal.

im looking to farm a few materials to round out my s-rank spirits.

I need fleeting fantasy, wild fantasy, brilliant fantasy, noble fantasy and epic fantasy. Now i know WHERE they are due to this: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/38533-community-dream-eater-ingredient-compendium-10/

however, i was under the impression that once you'd completed all portals they were there infinitely for you to farm from? Honestly it would be a massive hassle to have to drop for each and every dream piece, so am i missing something? do i have to drop before this effect kicks in? certainly curious.
F-L-A...Got it memorized?
4 years ago#45
bump/ (i feel silly bumping this so many times....needs a sticky its useful.)
F-L-A...Got it memorized?
4 years ago#46
Except all portal locations are in an FAQ.
4 years ago#47
well what you're right. but that doesnt help with my actual question!
F-L-A...Got it memorized?
4 years ago#48
Missed the question XD

Well, once you have beaten a special portal, you will have to drop to get another special portal to appear in that world.
4 years ago#49
even once you completed them all? thats laaaame.
F-L-A...Got it memorized?
4 years ago#50
Are prizes you obtain random? I need some Wondrous Fantasies..
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