PORTAL GLITCH FAQ: Missing a portal? Portals swapped between characters?

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Hello all,

I've noticed a disturbing lack of information on the so-called "portal glitch". I've decided to compile everything I know about it into a single topic. It's not much, but it's my attempt to help.

1. What happens with this glitch?

A. I've heard the following:
* Portals disappear entirely in some worlds (seems to vary between players)
* Sora and Riku's forecasts exchange places (rendering them useless)

2. What causes this glitch?

A. It happens because the final world appears to be poorly programmed. Depending on how you approach it, you can undergo a character switch WITHOUT actually Dropping. For example, beating the world with Sora causes it to abruptly change to Riku WITHOUT a proper Drop. As a result, Riku gains Sora's forecast, and Sora gains Riku's. Because of this, the game becomes confused about portals and many of them disappear entirely.

3. How can I fix this glitch?

A. There are two possible ways.
* The easy way: Drop twice in a row (in other words, once with each character) WITHOUT interacting with any portals. This causes the game to fix itself entirely. If you can't remember if you interacted with any portals in your current character session, just drop three times in a row for safety.
* The hard way: Beat the game again the same way you did before. This is unreliable, as it is essentially "glitching the game out of its glitch".

4. How will I know if the glitch is fixed?

A. If a silhouetted portal is available (in other words, if a special portal that you've never cleared before is available), use whatever resource you prefer and track it down. If you can find it, defeat it, and if the forecast updates by filling in the silhouette, that character's forecast is fixed. You can do the same with the other character (although as far as I can tell, if one charcter is fixed, the other one should be fine as well).

If a silhouetted portal is NOT available, just try and seek out another one of the special portals available to you. The basic idea is to confirm that the forecast is giving you the correct information.

5. Is there any lasting harm to this glitch?

A. It does not appear so, no.
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F-L-A...Got it memorized?
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dozingdevil posted...

Thank you!

For the record, I have experienced (and fixed) this glitch personally, I'm not just randomly compling info. I can vouch for it all.
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Well hopefully it'll cut down on the number of topics about it.
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Bumping this so perhaps it can help more people.
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Good to have the info compiled in it's own topic like this. Either it'll decrease the amount of questions about it, or we can just link to it in the future.

I can also confirm that dropping 2 or 3 times in a row fixes it, as I've tested it twice myself.
I recommend going to the World Map with both characters and dropping 3 times in quick succession.
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Thanks, I was wondering why the hell I was getting Riku's portals with Sora and vice-versa.

Also explains why I couldn't find some special portals.
That's all for now.
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I was wondering what the hell went on when I beat the game for the first time, considering Portals didn't show up until I dropped a few times.
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Think they'll patch it?
Or am I just being overly optimistic
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