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Ugh, wtf? How do I beat this SOB? (*SPOILERS*) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Can we change the Phantom's name to Phantom 4-Shadow? (KH3D Spoilers) (Archived)NegaManEXE19/12/2013
I still wonder... (Archived)Rawrgodzilla19139/11/2013
found this weird nightmare (Archived)thegoodusername39/11/2013
So I got six trophies in standard (Archived)henriue29/11/2013
I need a screen shot. (Archived)IamWolfX29/9/2013
So.......... what now? (Archived)hisroyalbonkess69/9/2013
Who else LOVED Flick Rush? (Archived)All-ice89/8/2013
mark of mastery edition (Archived)whitewhitesea39/8/2013
Playable characters (Archived)C3realkillah29/8/2013
WTF are you people doing? VOTE FOR SORA!!! (Archived)
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Tom Hiddleston as Sephiroth? (Archived)Nightranger197739/7/2013
Is this game worth buying a 3DS for? (Archived)sLaCkEr408___RJ29/6/2013
Wild Fantasy (Archived)13thzelkova29/5/2013
Considering buying this game. Have a few questions. (Archived)Super_Shadow32349/3/2013
Frequent Friend questions (Archived)DanaDoo1239/3/2013
The KH3D Level 1 CM FAQ discussion topic (Archived)Carbuncle009109/3/2013
To get the secret ending, how many trophies do I need to earn on Proud? (Archived)HakuMan11138629/2/2013
im really starting to wonder about that 13th vessel(spoilers) (Archived)yungblue38/31/2013
I keep receiving Savage Fantasies instead of Brilliant Fantasies. (Archived)NeoSarinatan28/31/2013
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