What was your first Kingdom Hearts game?

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User Info: Imbackhahahaha

4 years ago#11
Kh1, like the week it came out. I thought it looked cool so I had my parents buy it for me
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User Info: Shabugabugabuga

4 years ago#12
I rented Days because I had nothing else to do and remembered that the last time I saw someone play Kingdom Hearts the gameplay looked fun.
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User Info: xshobu

4 years ago#13
KH1 sometime in 2002 or 2003, can't really remember. I got a PS2 just for that damn game and I am sure glad I did.
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User Info: kwando1313

4 years ago#14
First one I played was CoM from a friend's GBA. First one I beat was KH2.
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User Info: samurott20

4 years ago#15
for me it was 358/2 days since i didn't care enough to get a ps2 for the first 2 games

User Info: xfyrenx

4 years ago#16
CoM, since I only had a GBA at the time. Made me buy a PS2 just for KH1, and I never regretted it.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

4 years ago#17
KH1 November of 1954...
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User Info: seafoampheonix

4 years ago#18
Chain of Memories, summer 04 , but I was already a fan of the series, just didnt have a PS2
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User Info: SD574

4 years ago#19
Mine was Chain of Memories in the fall of 2004
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User Info: XGeass

4 years ago#20
I dont see how anything can fall in "other".
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