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I wish Kairi wore an outfit like this (Archived)
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amazon shipping (Archived)deimos9127/23/2012
Is this better than Birth By Sleep? (Archived)
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Are you expecting a new secret boss, like KH1 and BBS? (Archived)
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Having trouble finding Neku or Joshua.... *early spoilers* (Archived)Wandering__Hero27/23/2012
Is the circle pad pro compatible with this game? (Archived)fonso1357/23/2012
Never Played KH (Archived)ChernoBoi97/23/2012
About this cutscene (english version) * spoilers* (Archived)StellaRella37/23/2012
i preordered this game earlier this month from amazon (Archived)NessCypher67/23/2012
So, i just spent the weekend at disney world... (Archived)TJT1337/23/2012
How to get Epic and Brilliant Fantasy?? (Archived)Karttakeppi47/23/2012
I have a few questions. (Archived)JikanEXE27/23/2012
If I were to get a Circle Pad Pro, how would it enhance the game? (Archived)GilgameshSwords27/23/2012
I want Marvel, anyone else? (Archived)
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Anyone noticed about the Flowmotion... (Archived)StellaRella57/23/2012
Activating Streetpass (Archived)squatch2267/23/2012
If the KH characters went to school, who would get bullied and who'll be cool? (Archived)7lightsXIII37/23/2012
Once more and Second Chance. (Archived)megamanx129157/23/2012
One question for who already complete the game SPOILS (Archived)kyton00737/23/2012
I wish I hadn't preordered D: (Archived)
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