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When is the KHDDD Commercial Coming On Tv? (Archived)MrAsh505107/22/2012
Poor riku! (no ddd spoilers) (Archived)Kh3d-ac3ds-lm227/22/2012
Why Disney? (Archived)
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Can you name your Dream Eaters? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
MoME chance for the procrastinators! (Archived)Adamant_Shadow37/22/2012
I want this so badly that I'm going insane. (Archived)TheSmartBlonde57/22/2012
I dont care about this game now lol (Archived)
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For those who can't get the game on the release date... (Archived)
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How important is the story in this game, compared to the other stories? (Archived)MrJazzbo77/22/2012
Best place to preorder? (Archived)JustSnilloc67/22/2012
About being higher levels than your partners (Archived)Shiga47/22/2012
Is this the first KH game... *no spoilers* (Archived)
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Think this will be the best selling KH of recent years? (Archived)Sakurafanboy37/22/2012
How important to beat aqua and ventus story BBS before this ? (Archived)
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loving the game and all, but just 1 problem... and a few questions (Archived)
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Could you dodge roll endlessly without a rest like BBS? -no spoilers- (Archived)HeartKey_XIII107/22/2012
Naming DEs (Archived)
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Will I understand the story if I only played BBS? (Archived)
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Did you enjoy the TWEwY remixes? (Archived)
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Can't find the second to last treasure chest in traverse town (sora) (Archived)
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