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New Flick rush (Archived)MrGinger261237/22/2012
So...Meowjesty? (Archived)inkatchi77/22/2012
what are the odds of loose Mark of Mastery editions existing? (Archived)
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Dem Eyes (Spoilers) (Archived)
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Without spoilers, how long should this game last in terms of hours? (Archived)
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So i just finished the game some hours ago *Spoilers* (Archived)KEN18167/22/2012
The journals... (Archived)vgsrule37/22/2012
The game case cover that comes with the MoM (Archived)wiseman46267/22/2012
How do you unlock the secret ending *No spoilers* (Archived)basch0737/22/2012
Finished the game? Discuss the ending here *SPOILERS DUH SPOILERS* (Archived)
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Question to EU players (Archived)inkatchi47/22/2012
Why the hell is the Limited Edition not being released in Europe? (Archived)mikelunt47/22/2012
Gah damn you boss fight *Spoilers* (Archived)KEN18197/22/2012
How are the graphics and 3D effects? (Archived)
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I think we can all agree that the worst part of Kingdom Hearts games is... (Archived)
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This gonna sound werid but....if anyone has the Mark of Mastery Edition... (Archived)J_Cov37/22/2012
How do I use the AR cards that came with the game? (Archived)FenderMaster17/22/2012
Will I understand the story if I only played the first game? (Archived)Nikos_the_great87/22/2012
I'm not getting on with this game so far. (Archived)Okikurmi67/22/2012
Are Sora and Sephiroth best friends? -BBS spoilers- (Archived)
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