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So the fact that they actually did do a v1.1 means we could get FM content. (Archived)
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"Aqua.. Now that you're a keyblade master, you've let it go to your head" (Archived)
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Lets be real here guys.... (WARNING: the truth hurts) (Archived)
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How Sora really feels... (Archived)Thefunyarinpa25/28/2012
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Future KH titles should have large worlds like DDD (Archived)
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KH is so wrong without Disney party members. (Archived)
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I want an Avatar world in Kingdom Hearts (Archived)
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Simple & Clean or Sanctuary? (Archived)
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Why do people hate the combat system in (re:) Chain of Memories? (Archived)
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So I'm replaying all six, what side things should I skip? (Archived)
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Braig's appearance. (Possible spoilers.) (Archived)Reiji S55/27/2012