Fort/Medic just for crush damage, and Runemaster question

#1HorithPosted 2/16/2013 8:38:56 PM
So I've got a party of L/N/D front, and R/S back. However, I noticed that no one can equip any hammers or maces, leaving me without any form of crush damage. Am I going to have problems later on without this damage type, and is it worth removing someone just for that damage? The only one that might go is the Sniper, moving the Nightstalker to the back row for throwing knives to make room for a Fortress, or replaced outright with the Medic.

On that note, are the Sniper's item rate increase skills worth going for? What about the Boost skills? And are there any skills that are absolutely worthless that should never be gotten? I realize that's a bit of a catchall, but just some general advice here is fine.

Lastly, as far as Runemasters are concerned, is it worthwhile to pursue all elemental branches, or just one or two? I've started on the Thunder elemental branch, and am deciding between Fire and Ice for the next one.
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#2admirallupinePosted 2/17/2013 8:01:24 AM
Losing a physical damage type doesn't seems as bad as losing an elemental type attack. I didn't have a Bash type attack in the 3rd game with no problems, and I'm pretty certain it's going to be the same case here.

Just remember, in the full game there will be new classes to choose from when you unlock them. Binds will help you a lot, but if you're going to replace the Sniper, it might as well be with an Arcanist. Not only can you spec them into their Bind circles, they can also passively heal you when the have a circle up and by simply walking in the dungeon. That'll help with your no Medic party.

I can see the game being a bit tough without a Fortress though, but many claim that this is the easiest of the series, so it's probably not as bad this time around by not having one.

As for Runemasters, in my level 99 + retired at 99 build, I have the final tier of the elemental spells maxed out, while putting the minimal points to reach them. I maxed out his passive skills, and I put no points into his "Ultimate" skill. By the end I put the remaining points into his subclass. But until you get to that point, it might be best to focus on just two elements while working your way through. Besides, there's only one thing you can do at level 99 anyway.....

After a point in the game, it might be a good idea to swap the Runemaster for the Imperial. They do heavy elemental damage every few turns (they overheat), but with the ability to sustain their TP if you build the right skills. (one slash skill you use while over heated restores your TP)

So, your party in the beginning?:
Lands- physical damage
Dancer- front support, specializing in healing
Nights- Status inflicter

Rune- Elemental damage
Sniper- Focus on binds

Late game party?:
Lands-physical damage
Imperial- elemental damage
Dancer- front support, specializing in healing

Nights- Status inflicter (switch him to the front whenever a status effect works so he can dish out extra damage)
Arcanist- focus on binds, passively heals
#3Horith(Topic Creator)Posted 2/17/2013 9:06:03 AM
Hmmm, is it possible to have a Dancer focus on healing, but still be useful for Links from the Landy? Or am I going to wind up trying to do too much with this party? If I swap out one character for the Medic, that will give me the healing to keep up (hopefully) with this relatively frail party, and let the Dancer focus on Rush Dance and Chase Samba, yes?

The only problem is which character to drop. I really like this party setup, even if it is somewhat frail and lacking in healing.
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#4admirallupinePosted 2/17/2013 10:51:55 AM
Absolutely. Using a level 70 + retired at level 30, I did this:
Maxed out the Dancer's Proficiency.
Maxed out Dancer's Fan Dance, Sword Dance and Mist Dance
9 points in Regen, 1 in Refresh, 2 in Freedom, 9 in Healing Step
Maxed out Speed Boost
1 point in Quick Step

Sub-classed as a Landsknecht
Maxed Attack and Defense Boost
2 in Vanguard, Maxed Initiative
Maxed Sword Breaker, Maxed Weapon Parry

Using this, a Dancer can still auto attack to help with Links, and a chance to swing multiple times thanks to Sword Dance WITH a chance to Stun. They are also decent at healing and have the ability to cure status effects and binds. The one thing they lack is a defense buff, this is their only downside with this build. However, they are at least hard to hit thanks to their speed and evasion.

Basically, you set up your Improved Link buff, and your Regen Dance first, then start hacking away with the chases. And you won't always need to set up a dance thanks to your Arcanist healing you every step outside of battle.

In the end, its really up to you. I'm using one of each class and split them up in a way so that both groups are balanced in healing and support. Personally though, I'll always like the one with the Fortress more because I feel safer with one, as opposed to having a Medic and no Fortress. It's all a matter of preference, but you can't really try it out until the full game is released. :c
#5Horith(Topic Creator)Posted 2/17/2013 11:07:14 AM
Mmkay, I'm going to go ahead with the party I've got. It'll probably add a bit of challenge to the game to not have a Fortress or Medic, but I'm not too worried about that. Half the point of EO is the challenge anyways, and I never did much like the defensive classes anyway. I used a Hoplite in EOIII, but if she wasn't actively defending, she was essentially dead weight.
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