Konohana vs. Bluebell

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Which town do you want to start in, and why? What are your pros and cons of each town?
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pro---The more foods you plant/vegetables, the more money you make.
con---It takes a couple of days to grow them (but once you grow them you waste all your money while growing new plants/vegetables)
pro---you dont have to take care of so many animals, doesn't waste Ur stamina, don't have to buy food for animals
con---you will eventually have nothing to do for 1 whole boring minute or maybe 2 minutes
Pro---There's seeds, animals and a restaurant and a clinic(not that its any use)!
con---well it does close for rain (then again they all do that)
pro---You get to take care of more animals and get eggs, milk and wool from them almost everyday to sell them or use the food/drinks in the cooking festival
con---lots of vegetables are used in cooking festivals and you might not have enough room to plant enough....if u have any room....
pro-(vice versa with konohana town)
con-(same as the konohana town con)
Pro---Howard's store is open from 10am-10pm where u can buy as much food as u need for stamina
Con---(i cant think of any)

That's all i have sorry its not much information -.-"
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The cheap way is to start off in Bluebell to get some free items and animals and then move into Konohana with the stuff. Though you do need to pay 3000g I believe to move, but that is less than the free stuff you get. Which is what I plan to do, since I want to see what Bluebell is like, but all the girls I want are in Konohana.

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That's awesome that you can move from town to town during the game. I hadn't been aware of that.

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yeah you can move once a month, at the end
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Sweet! I will (probably) be taking serious advantage of this.